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ResMed RPSII Battery Power Bank (Only)

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Resmed ResMed RPSII Battery Power Bank (Only) Description:

The RPS II (The ResMed Power Station II) is an all-in-one external battery that enables the operation of compatible ResMed machines where mains power is unavailable.


RPS II Features:

    • Ideal for travel - This battery provides backup power in case of an unexpected mains power failure.
    • A long-lasting lithium-ion battery (up to 13 hours per charge) - can be used with the S9 and Airsense 10 series CPAP machines.
    • Can be charged to greater than 95% in less than 4 hours
    • Battery Charge Display with alerts
    • Optional Battery Coupler to join two batteries

Please note: Battery running time estimates are hard to provide as consumption depends on the device model, settings, leaks, battery quality and age, unique breathing patterns of the patient, environmental conditions and external accessories such as a humidifier and heated tubing.

However, when fully charged, the external battery should provide up to 13 hours of run time (when the CPAP device is set to run without a humidifier or heating tube)

If you are highly dependent on the battery, we recommend purchasing additional batteries for convenience and peace of mind.

Another feature is the Battery Coupler (sold separately - SKU 34964) which connects two RPS II batteries in a series.  It will automatically switch to the other battery when required.


Please Note: The ResMed Power Stations (RPS) II only contains the battery power bank. It does not include the parts needed to connect to a ResMed S9 or Airsense 10 CPAP machine (e.g adaptor and DC cable).


If you are using a Resmed S9 device:

You must purchase an s9 RPS II DC cable (SKU 24961) and the s9 PSU adapter (SKU 24946) separately.


If you are using a Resmed AirSense 10 device:

You will also need to purchase the AirSense10 PSU adapter (SKU 37342) and the AirSense10 DC cable (SKU 37343).