How to proceed to Checkout?

The Checkout is where you will:

1) Choose how you want to receive your order (Deliver or in-store pickup)

2) Enter the address to have your order delivered

3) Choose how you want to pay for your order

To proceed to Checkout, you can either log into your account or proceed as a Guest.


Creating an Account or Proceeding as a Guest

You have the option to create an account or proceed through the Checkout as a Guest. Some customers prefer to use the Guest Checkout because it's faster for your first order because you do not need to create a password. However, creating an account has the advantage of saving your delivery address and credit card details for future orders. this makes subsequent shopping with us faster and easier. It also gives you the option to re-order items from your ordering history without going through the categories. You can also check for the delivery status of your order from your Account.