How to package your return

If you've received a return authorisation from our customer service team regarding the product you wanted to return, please follow the following recommendations on how to package your return. 

When returning a product to The Sleep Spot (eastMED Pharmacy), it is important to package it securely in order to prevent any damage from occurring to the item during transit. Please note, that if an item is damaged in transit due to improper or insufficient packaging, we will not be able to accept the return as the warranty of the product may be voided. 

Points to consider when packaging your return:

  • Select a suitable box with similar dimensions to your item to prevent movement and damage due to excess space.
  • Fill all empty spaces within the box with sufficient padding (e.g. crumpled paper or newspaper) to avoid content moving while in transit.
  • Wrap each item separately (with bubble wrap) if shipping multiple items in a single package.